Our Films are honest, entertaining, and cinematic. Our Photography is natural, realistic, and vibrant. We love natural light and upbeat vibes!

We will capture everything that is important to you on your wedding day, from the big moments to the little ones.

There's nothing quite like the Pacific Northwest

"They are the kindest and most professional men in the industry and we are forever indebted to them for capturing all of our special moments on our big day."

"I'm honestly incredibly thankful that you and Sam were up for taking these stunning pictures and trekking through the snow to capture these."

The images are amazing and have everything we were hoping for. We've taken other pictures before and they feel too posed (which is what we were hoping to avoid) and we are so happy that these look so natural and captured our personalities so well.

- Roxe and John

"When choosing someone to capture a day you want to look back on for the rest of your life, you’ll want someone who knows what they’re doing. Someone who, during a vulnerable time where you share some pretty intimate moments, makes you feel comfortable and lighthearted. Someone who is professional but so easygoing and feels like your bestie."

So many things went right on our special day, we couldn’t wait to see the results. They provided us with BREATHTAKING photos and videos to gush on for the rest of our lives. Yes, we got sneak peeks, ig vid, photos, videos, and just got some extended unseen footage for Valentine’s. Is there anything they can’t do?! We brag and give all our married friends major photographer-envy, and give all our unmarried friends the best references the Seattle area has to offer. You will regret it if you don’t choose these incredibly talented, versatile and creative photographers.


"Hiring True Northwest Weddings was by far the greatest decision we made for our wedding."

We had our ceremony on a peak in the Mt. Baker mountains of Washington state, and the weather did not cooperate how we had hoped. We had rain, AND snow! But we hardly noticed because Tyler and Sam fully embraced the elements and made us feel so joyful and excited despite the change of expectations.

True Northwest Weddings also adapted easily and problem solved with us through COVID-19 restrictions and changes to our plans. My husband and I adjusted our vision a few times in the process, and Tyler and Sam were so flexible and easy to work with through all of it.


"Sam & Tyler really captured all the best moments
from our wedding.

They did our wedding as well as our engagement photos and we couldn't be happier! They're also super easy to work with, they really go out of their way to make sure you're having a blast during shoots, and also have a keen eye for getting those great candid moments everyone wants. 


Want to get married somewhere epic and have an intimate ceremony that’s all about your love and getting you married?


TNW is a good mix of documentary and directed style. We love capturing authentic and candid moments that happen naturally throughout the day, but during portrait time we'll do some directing and posing to get those perfect shots. Capturing MOVEMENT is extremely important to us, especially for video! So, we'll often have you walk together or practice your first dance. We will come up with a variety of things for you guys to take advantage of the location we are in. We are totally open to any ideas you have as well!

We do not have a template and aren't fans of cookie cutter. Our overall approach to shooting and editing will essentially be the same. If you like what you see in our portfolio and connect with our approach, then we could be a good fit! Every wedding/elopement is different: It all depends on your personality, the atmosphere of your day, the venue/location, the dialogue we capture, and the weather and light that will determine how your video/photos will look. We try to capture and tell your story with a "true to the vibe" approach.
For our films, we custom edit each and every one from scratch. We try and be creative in different ways to ensure no two videos are exactly the same. Every wedding has different moments and magic that together create a unique tone.

Unfortunately not. There are a few reasons for this. The biggest one being that it is illegal to use copyrighted music, therefore we license music from different sites that offer wide ranges of quality tunes.

We will choose music that matches the vibe of your day and the footage that we captured. Hiring us means you trust us and our creative freedom, and finding the perfect music is part of that!
Also, using a popular song from today does not mean you will still love the song years from now. Creating a timeless video that you will always connect with is important to us.

We are always looking for the pretty light to place our couples in. If you are getting married at a venue, usually they will have suggested places to take photos. We will also scope out the grounds early and find some ideas of our own if we have not shot there before. If you are eloping or we are out in nature, we will get creative and find the pretty light while taking advantage of the unique location. We will also do our own research via Instagram and Google Earth as well as scope out spots ahead of time if we feel it's necessary. We'll be looking for the prettiest areas with the best views and ideal light to get you some amazing photos/videos.

We shoot around 15 each year. This is for a couple reasons. The "wedding season" is pretty short in Washington so for the most part couples are trying to get married squished into the few months we have perfect weather.

The other reason is that we want to give each of our couples the attention they deserve. This means getting to know you before your wedding day and learning what's important to you for capturing it all. We want you to be comfortable in front of our cameras! We also take our time with each edit, giving them our full attention and creative mind when it's their turn. Remember, no cookie cutter edits here.

Yes! We will have your content backed up in a few different places ASAP right after your wedding. SD cards and hard drives DO fail so we do our best to ensure it's never lost. We will for sure keep a backup of your files up to a year after your wedding. If you want to archive your video footage yourself to ensure you have it for years to come, you can purchase the raw footage.

We do not offer raw still images. Trust us, we will make sure you get any and all of the good ones! We also do not want our art to be edited or manipulated in any way that does not represent us and our style. For video, we offer two types of Raw footage for purchase. You can purchase normal straight from camera raw footage but suggested use for this is archival only. Files are very large and not all computers can read them. They will also be flat in color with scratch audio making it not super attractive to watch. We use the best of the best stuff in your highlight film!

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If you are wanting to actually watch and enjoy seeing every single moment we captured (bloopers anyone?) then purchasing the "FOMO" edits the way to go. We will stitch together all of the usable bits from your day that we captured with a basic color grade and some subtle background music for your viewing pleasure. We will separate it out by part of the day so you can easily jump to certain moments. This usually ends up being hours of watchable footage.

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Our best suggestion is to just embrace it. We are super down to be spontaneous and just roll with the punches. Usually our couples are too. We can have umbrellas, find cover, get wet. We'll also be creative and use rain/snow/wind to our advantage as much as possible and create some amazing and unique content for you.